How did you find out about Jubilee?

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How did you find out about Jubilee? Empty How did you find out about Jubilee?

Post  Cherry Black on Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:36 pm

They've been around for about 2 years now, so I reckon it's time to share stories.

I'm a fan (in about equal amounts) of both NIN and QOTSA, and also something of a Mikey Shoes obsessive, so I heard about the band through the RekordsRekords forum, and figured they'd be worth keeping an eye on.
Went along to their London gig on 30/01/08 and had an absolute blast. Hadn't pre-listened to any of their stuff (there wasn't a huge amount available at the time) and I fell in love instantly. That love was rewarded when they used some of my video from that gig in the video for Rebel Hiss.

Now it's your turn...
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How did you find out about Jubilee? Empty Re: How did you find out about Jubilee?

Post  Stephen on Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:21 pm

I got into Jubilee because I have been reading Buddyhead for about 7 years, I was into a few of the bands they put out in the earlier years. I went to see the Icarus Line back in 2004 and thought Aaron was a great guitarist and was performing in quite an original way. I was a bit gutted when he left that band because when I saw them live in 2007 it seemed a bit sterile. I never saw Aaron play with NIN live but have seen a few videos on youtube and I have been impressed by his playing. Having been into Wires on Fire I also knew that Mike, Evan and Jeff were quality musicians. So when I read about Jubilee I knew it would be an interesting project so when they played Hereford in January 2008 I went along and within a few minutes of Make You Crumble I was hooked.

That was some quick work with the Evan Weiss thread. I feel compelled to add to it now....
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